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About Me

In 2009, I graduated as Master in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy at KU Leuven, Belgium. After graduation, I started working in a private practice to further develop my skills as a physical therapist.

It has always been my desire to keep individuals physically active across their lifespan and help people achieving their individual goals. Throughout the years, I developed a special interest and expertise in prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal lower extremity injuries.

My passion for physical therapy has brought me into the combination of clinical practice and research. In 2015, I finished my PhD, which was focused on postural control in relation to ACL injuries and chronic ankle instability. My postdoctoral research activities at KU Leuven and Hasselt University (Belgium) were focused on the optimization of assessment and rehabilitation of ACL injuries and running-related injuries.

I have published numerous papers in international peer-reviewed journals, and have frequently presented at national and international conferences, symposia, workshops and podcasts to translate research to practice.

Clinically, I am mainly consulted in function of lower extremity rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance enhancement.

The unique combination of my research work with my clinical and teaching experience significantly contributed to my highly-valued national and international reputation and my ability to develop novel, original and clinically-relevant ideas with vital impact in my field.

Next to my work, I love to be physically active, play football, go for a run and having good times with my family and friends.

Finally, I hope you will enjoy my website!


Bart not only is a well-performing researcher, but also a good clinician. This combination makes that the scope of his research is practice oriented. Furthermore, his patients benefit from his profound and state to the heart knowledge of science.

Prof. dr. Filip Staes – Belgium

Bart is passionate about giving his patients the best treatment that is currently available. More so, I’ve known him from many projects that he’s also an innovator in the field of sports injury prevention and rehabilitation.

dr. Alli Gokelerthe Netherlands

Bart is one of the most efficient and hard working cliniclan-researchers I have collaborated with. His knowledge of human movement, biomechanics and injury is up there with any clinician-researcher. He is a rare breed.

Prof. dr. Peter Malliaras – Australia

Bart is an inspiring clinician-researcher to work with. His passion for clinical oriented research leads to highly relevant outputs which moves the fields of both research and clinical practice forward. I have valued reading his work, and collaborating with Bart to produce it.

dr. Christian Barton – Australia

I have valued working with Bart on projects, both research and publications, exploring the assessment of movement. His expertise in applied biomechanics, assessment of preferred patterns of movement and belief in the value of movement is adding a huge amount to this body of work.

Sarah Mottram – UK

I have had the pleasure of having Bart on the Healthy Wealthy & Smart podcast and seeing him present at various multidisciplinary conferences. Due to his unique position of being both a researcher and practicing clinician, he is quite skilled at translating complex research into clinically applicable information for the everyday therapist. I always look forward to learning from Bart through his research and conference presentations.

dr. Karen Litzy – USA

Bart is a true specialist in lower extremity injury prevention and rehabilitation. As a clinician, researcher and speaker he is always striving to the highest level.

Kevin Kuppens – Belgium


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