I love to share my ideas, knowledge and experience with other colleagues who are eager to learn more as a physical therapist or athletic trainer. The aim of my courses is to translate the latest relevant scientific findings directly to the field and to boost your clinical practice. Inspiring others with novel and innovative scientific knowledge, tips and tricks in the field of lower extremity injury prevention and rehabilitation has become a true passion for me.

Over the last 10 years, I have had to honour to teach and present at various locations in Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, USA, France, Chile, Qatar, Kosovo and India. The format can vary from a short talk to one-, two-, or three-day courses, depending on the questions you might have. These courses can be delivered offline as well as online.

The courses mostly include a combination of a sound theoretical background and practical sessions, in order to make sure you can directly apply the novel information in your clinical practice!

The topics of my courses or lectures can vary and can include:

  • Rehabilitation and prevention of ACL injuries
  • The knee course
  • Return to sport decision-making
  • Running-related injuries: from reseach to practice
  • Lower extremity “overuse” injuries
  • Lower leg exertional pain
  • Anterior knee pain
  • Bone stress injuries
  • Movement assessment and management in clinical practice
  • Motor learning in sport physical therapy applied to lower extremity injury prevention and rehabilitation

If you would be interested in one of these topics, don’t hesitate to contact me by filling in the contact form on the bottom of this page!

Why do we fail during ACL rehab? 10 key point summarized for you in this video! This video is one small piece of my ACL injuries online course with Physiotutors.
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In 2021, I started a collaboration with two physicians specialised in sports medicine, dr. Stijn Indeherberge and dr. Leonie Geukens, resulting in the foundation of SpoMex. SpoMex is a platform where we offer 8 webinars each year for professionals working in the field of sports medicine. For mor information, you can visit our website by clicking here.


Bart has been teaching several years for our company Scholing Randstad West. The course evaluations are always outstanding. Bart has the ability to find the optimal balance between science and clinical practice in his courses. With a combination of passion and humour, Bart is an inspiration for each physical therapist.

Max Lak – CEO of Scholing Randstad West – the Netherlands

I collaborate already for more than 5 years with Bart, by organizing courses focused on lower extremity injuries with our company Denkfysio. Bart works in an fun and interactive way and his knowledge is always up-to-date. The quality of his courses is excellent. Course participants always indicate that they are able to apply novel knowledge, ideas and skills immediately in their clinical practice, which is very important for us.

Bart Roelofs – CEO of Denkfysio – the Netherlands

To me Bart Dingenen is currently one of the most inspiring researchers-clinicians as he succeeds to produce very relevant research for clinicians. Regarding ACL injury and running-related injury he is for sure someone to follow closely! We are more than happy to organize his courses on ACL injuries in France!

Flavio Bonnet – CEO of Agence EBP – France

With his knowledge, Bart has the abilities to simplify complex issues in our profession. His course on overuse injuries was very clear, structured and extremely useful for my clinical practice. A lot of different evidence- and practice-based perspectives and principles come together in a clear story, with direct clinical implications. In addition, Bart can easily adapt his course according to the questions in the audience.

Thomas Lauwers – Physical therapist – Belgium