In this podcast, I discuss my paper “Can two-dimensional video analysis during single-leg drop vertical jumps help identify non-contact knee injury risk? A one-year prospective study”, published in Clinical Biomechanics with dr. Andy Franklyn-Miller. We discuss the impact on clinical practice of the study, the implications of trunk movement control in the frontal plane during unipodal jump-landing tasks in relation to knee loading, and the role of two-dimensional video analysis during athletic screening.

The link to the publication can be found here.
In this podcast, I was invited by Karen Litzy to discuss ACL rehab and return to play protocols.
In this episode, we discuss:
– Physiological and psychological considerations for return to sport following ACL reconstruction
– How to structure treatments to promote motor learning
– The fine line of early return to sport and the risk for re-injury
– The integration of injury prevention training at follow-up
– And so much more!

The most important publication that we were referring to during this podcast can be found here.
In this podcast, I discuss several topics on ACL rehabilitation with Physiotutors.